How to Write Like a Professional

Good writing is difficult to define.


Obviously, it will be grammatically correct and spelling error free, but it goes further than that. When writing is good it’s almost invisible. You’re not left thinking “wow, what an incredibly well written piece of marketing”, instead you’re thinking “wow, that product sounds amazing, I want one.”


You see, the point of marketing writing, or copywriting, is to persuade and sell, not show off your writing skills.


The following 10 tips will help you master the art of effective marketing writing.


  1. Boring

If you use hackneyed phrases, commonplace words and cliches, your writing will be predictable, samey and downright boring.

To stand out you must take the time to think carefully about what the aim of your writing is, plan it carefully and find new ways of expressing yourself.


  1. Chatty

There is a damaging rumour going around that your writing has to be business-like with lost of dreadful marketing-speak.

The most effective writing is written in a simple, conversational tone. It’s unpretentious and gets your message across clearly and quickly.


  1. You

That doesn’t mean that everything you write should be about you, on the contrary, it should be about your reader.

The you here relates to writing in the second person. Avoid using ‘we’ and instead, write everything from the point of view of your reader – i.e. lots of ‘you.’


  1. Stories

Stories sell – it’s as simple as that.

Use case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of your products and services. People would much rather read about a real-life scenario that you helped solve than a series of empty claims.


  1. Check it well

Although obvious, it’s something that should be mentioned.

Make sure everything you write is checked carefully before being published. It’s very easy to miss spelling errors, especially when using a spell checker. Get it proofed and save your blushes.


  1. Adjectives

Please, please resist the urge to litter your writing with adjectives. On the most part they are redundant and just slow down your writing and dilute the message you’re trying to get across.


  1. Adverbs

This is turning into an English lesson.

As with adjectives, adverbs can kill your writing, so choose your words carefully.

Using a phrase like ‘ran quickly’ doesn’t have the same impact as ‘dashed’.


  1. Exclamations

I really, really hate the use of exclamations in marketing.

The words you use should be able to convey any stresses without littering!!!!!! all over your marketing.


  1. Cutting

Once you’ve written your first draft it’s time to be ruthless.

Every word you use must count, so if any don’t add to the meaning of what you’ve written, cut them. Tightening your message will increase its impact.


  1. Evidence

No one is going to believe your claims unless you back them up with solid evidence. Make sure any statistics, quotes and data that you use are referenced properly.


Hopefully, these 10 tips will help you improve your writing skills.


Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting, is a professional copywriter with extensive experience in both B2B and B2C markets.


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